Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The New and the Newer

Well, here we are in Oklahoma.  I figured I should start a new blog so that people back home can hear about the silly and/or ridiculous things my children and I say and do.  So here it is.

We are settling into our neighborhood fairly well.  Charlotte and Ramona have a new friend, Z. is a little girl that lives next door.  She's a good playmate for them because she's a year and a half older than them, so she can initiate games, and she's quite persistent in coming over to play with them, which is good because the girls can tend to have a very insular relationship with each other.  And, most importantly, Z. is not put off by the twins peculiarity.  She even joins in with the "Boyee and Girla" play (which, for those of you unfamiliar, is quite peculiar.) 

Who us?  Peculiar?
I have always felt ambivalent about their weirdness.  On the one hand, I wouldn't want normal children, god forbid!  But I want them to be able to relate to other kids.  We went to the Science Museum in Oklahoma City yesterday, and a little girl asked Ramona, "who are you?" and Ramona gave a goofy grin and said, "I'm Boyaboy!"  The other little girl just shrugged and walked away. I guess if Ramona doesn't care, why should I?

We had a great time at the Science Museum though.  Even Elsa had fun.

She's doing well, too, but is having some struggles with her new sleeping arrangements.  We have all three girls sleeping in the same room, and she is sleeping in a toddler bed instead of a crib.  She has a hard time going to sleep without making a lot of noise, and it drives Ramona and Charlotte crazy.  Then she wakes up really early and starts yelling again, and Rene or I have to run down there or else she will wake the twins up.  They already have dark circles under their eyes, poor things.  And Elsa, she has a hard time with the transition from sleep to waking.  A lot of mornings, she screams and cries for a half hour after waking up, but other mornings she's chipper and happy.  That girl is a mystery to me. 

The twins start school on Monday, and tomorrow night is Meet Your Teacher night, so we will find out more about the school then.  They will be in the same class together for one more year, probably, and then we will split them up.  And I've finally decided what gym I'm going to go to (the one with the nice equipment but less-than-enthusiastic Zumba class.) I know where to take my recycling now (no curbside recycling?!?!) Rene is doing orientation this week, so we will have health insurance soon.  Things are starting to fall into place.  And we are starting to realize that we are actually going to live here in this place, and none of you guys from out west are coming with us.  The girls already miss all of you!


  1. I love that you're blogging and look forward to becoming one of your loyal followers! xx

  2. Does the science museum include an exhibit with humans and dinosaurs living together? Just wondering.

  3. I love that you've started a blog. I can't wait to hear about Meet Your Teacher Night. We have Back to School Night next Thursday. Give all the girls a hug and kiss for me. If she keeps the twins up too much you can send Elsa to us!

  4. You'll just have to push that Zumba class' limits! Freak them out and wear your jingle skirt!

  5. Yay! You're blogging again! I'm so happy. I hope the sleeping arrangements improve soon. And hope you'll blog about the twins' birthday! :) Love to all...

  6. I look forward to your blogs. They're fun to read, and I'll make copies for grandma and great-grandma! Love to all of you!