Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preschool and what happened before school.

What a morning.

Today was Elsa's first day of Preschool!  I know, right? How did this happen?

Well, there's nothing else for her to do.  There's no Gymboree, there's no mommy-and-me dance or gymnastics or art or anything.  At least not in the morning.  Every single class I have seen is either in the Picking-up-first-graders time period, or the It's-dinnertime time period.  So I thought I would check out the preschool options, to get her on the waiting list for, oh, I don't know, maybe next spring?  So I went to the Presbyterian Preschool (which comes highly recommended by non-religious folk, and is totally secular.)  (Secular is a word that some people around here don't know.  I mean, literally.)  I was really impressed.  They have the classes broken down into small groups, and there are only nine kids in the 2-year old class, with two teachers.  The teachers are lovely, and they do a lot more school-type stuff that I would expect with children that young.

And there was no waiting list.  So she started today. She's going from 9 to 11:30, twice a week.  And I was hoping that this morning we could get the twins sent off on the bus, and have a nice quite morning getting ready, somehow, I don't know, emotionally preparing her for what was about to happen.  But then Ramona fell down and wacked her head on the porch step while waiting for the bus.  Someone had so inconsiderately weighed her backpack down with three pounds of clementines for school snack this morning (I am a terrible person), so she must have been a little off-balance. And the bus pulled up just at that moment, so I kept the twins off the bus so I could put some ice on her head and watch her for a few minutes, but that meant I had to get myself and Elsa ready, leave 25 minutes before I was planning to, and drop the girls off at school before heading over to the preschool to drop my baby off.
Unsure, at first...

...but ultimately, it was a good day.

Elsa, of course, cried.  She was wailing as I left, but the assistant teacher called me about a half hour later and told me that she was fine.

And Ramona has a huge goose egg on her forehead.  And, yes, tomorrow is Picture Day.

What a morning.

Edited to add:

I swear, only a child of mine.  About an hour before I usually leave to go pick up the twins, their school calls me.  Apparently, Ramona fell in the library and hit her head on a bookshelf.  In the Exact Same Spot as this morning.  The office lady told me she's never seen that big of a goose egg on a kid's head in the entire time she's worked there.  It was already much better by the time I got there, but honestly.  The first time could have happened to anyone.  To hit your head twice in the same day in the same place?  I think you have to have some sort of genetic predisposition...

It looks much more impressive that this in real life, I swear.

No, she didn't knock her teeth out as well. That's just how few teeth she has right now.


  1. Oh, my! What a crazy day that must have been. I almost vote for going with the goose egg school picture, but you have a pretty good picture of it already. Elsa looks so much older than she did just a few months ago. I hope she liked preschool. Maybe you'll get some good gym time.

  2. Ohh girls! What a day you all had! Please tell Elsa she's a champion rock star preschooler, and kiss Ramona on the forehead for me (but not on the tender part) and give Charlotte a hug, and give yourself a big heap of self-love for being an amazing, caring, conscientious mom! And tell Rene he's fantastic, too. :) Much love to you all...