Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Do I look like a newscaster to you?

No seriously, do I? I can't figure out my new hair cut.

Actually, I don't look anything like a newscaster in these pictures. But you should have seen it yesterday when I got home. It was very mushroom shaped.  I keep looking back at the photos that I brought in as inspiration to the hairdresser.

While it's true that mine is not as wispy as these are, it's pretty much the same hair cut. Then how come I still look 36? How come I don't look 18? I don't get it.

Also, I don't look so great because I am sick. And seriously, am I the only person in the world that thinks that half a vicodin is really the best cough and cold medicine you can take?


  1. I think some tousling and lowlighting wouldn't hurt. Both create an appearance of volume, right?

  2. Oh I can get volume alright. Like I said, it was very mushroom shaped when I got home. tousling definitely. I am eager to wash all the product out of it and see what happens. But I am trying to figure out the difference between gamine pixie cut and older conservative lady who wants to look "serious."

  3. Well, it doesn't resemble the latter to me. When it's messy and over your brow a little, post another pic, it'll look more like your models. And yanno, if you need wispier, take the scissors to it! I've never been too tragicalized by a little diy scissoring (wow does coiffure terminology always sound that naughty?)

  4. Is it even naughtier that my husband will be the one scissoring me?

  5. I think, once you style it, you will look even sexier than that idiot stick-figure with no soul. Please post some after you wash and style. I bet you can pull it off. If not, just lean your head to one side.